Pal Arinsal is committed to sustainable development and works systematically to improve the three fundamental pillars of development, the social, economic and environmental spheres. In this sense, it is vitally important to act on the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

For this reason, the impact of the event on the ODS has been analyzed and a series of actions have been defined to improve the indexes and mitigate the negative effects of the event. Commitment to the environment in which the activities are carried out, through the ISO14001:2015 certification that has been implemented in all departments and events since 2004.


  • Management of event broadcasts. Joint work of organizers and collaborating companies to reduce the footprint of the set of activities.
  • Offsetting remaining emissions with national projects and the United Nations platform
  • Compensation of the emissions of scope III of the visitors’ footprint through the purchase of tickets on the website.


  • Currently, 33% comes from renewable energy sources Cubil photovoltaic park
  • Our goal is to exceed this percentage of renewable energy.
  • Drastically reduce emissions from electricity consumption.


  • Selective collection of generated waste
  • Points in the areas of greatest influx reinforced with waste and plastic and paper containers.
  • Signposting of routes less invasive to the environment.
  • Radical decrease in the use of plastic signage.
  • Track the state of the circuits
  • Cleaning of the entire event area, once completed.


  • Check out the Spectator’s Guide to get all the details and not miss a thing from the MTB World Cup.
    • Don’t know how to get there? We explain everything here!


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      Respect the Environment

      Use the designed paths

      Avoid single-use packaging

      Minimize wrapping, use canteens and lunch boxes

      Use public transport

      For short journeys, move on foot or by bicycle

      Selective collection

      If you generate any waste, take it to the selective collection points. The best waste is that which is not generated.