More public transport, regulated parking, traffic restrictions and the promotion of cycling as a way of transportation, among the measures adopted to make the World Cup more sustainable with smooth and safer traffic

La Massana, August 16th 2023. Pal Arinsal ski resort, in cooperation with mobility department, Comú de la Massana, police, fire and civil protection (CECOR), have drawn up a mobility prevention plan during the Mountain Bike World Cup, with the aim of achieving sustainability goals and keeping traffic flowing. This will avoid too many vehicles in the parish of La Massana as well as throughout the country. For this reason, various actions have been carried out by La Massana city to control this subject. Resort is expecting to accommodate nearly 60,000 spectators. All measures have been developed based on this estimate.


Buses on regular lines leaving from Andorra la Vella to Arinsal and to Ordino (L5 and L6) will be free from August 25th to 27th, available to everyone, residents and visitors. These lines will be reinforced by a private transport service that will connect La Massana to Arinsal, as well as finish areas of Downhill and Cross-Country races. Also strategically placed stops will be arranged in order to facilitate access to the event via shuttles leading quickly and free of charge to Pal. It is important to specify that road access by car will be limited to accredited vehicles as well as to the first 250 vehicles for paid parking. Therefore, free public transport and La Massana gondola are the best options.

Also, during these days, the parish bus, traditionally free, will also be available to all, as will other means of transport which are also free. These vehicles will facilitate direct access to the World Cup, by increasing the frequency and rotation of traffic. Wth an expected influx of more than 60,000 visitors for the entire event, the city would like to remid residents not to use their own vehicle and to use these collective transportations available to spectators. These measures will allow visitors to move more efficiently and easily during their stay in the parish of La Massana and on the competition sectors.


If you want to come to the World Cup with your own vehicle, take into account that car access will be restricted and therefore not everyone will be have access to parking lots near the World Cup. A maximum of 250 vehicles will be authorized to access the Amorriadors area (Serra II chairlift car park) for a cost of €20 per vehicle. Once the limit is reached, road access will be closed and restricted. Motorcycles will also be allowed to access the same area and park in the same car park as the 250 cars. People coming with their own vehicle can then use authorized trails, ski lifts or free shuttles. Last point: season pass or daily pass, to be purchased on site, will be required for access to ski lifts.

For all those who would like to come to La Massana by car and then easily reach the gondola, two covered car parks in La Massana city will be available to users: La Closeta (Comú de la Massana car park) and El Farré Negre (gondola car park). Also, two areas have been authorized for vehicles to park. The first one, in the new Borda Raubert industrial zone and the second at Arinsal car park, near Berques. As for the blue pay zones on the street, modifications will be made to accommodate a large number of cars. Thus, on the blue zone in the center of La Massana and on the one from gondola building and the roundabout of the La Massana football field, vehicles will be authorized to park in a perpendicular way.


As far as motorhomes are concerned, two parking areas have been defined in the lower territory, since it will not be possible to take the road to Pal. The first one will be located at the upper parking lot of Berques d’Arinsal and the second parking space is located in the new urbanized area of Pal, but access to it will be very restricted.


The gondola option will undoubtedly remain the most practical option. All spectators with a season pass (Nord Pass, Andorra Pass, Bike Park, Mountain Pass or school pass) will get free access to all ski lifts in service during the competition. As for spectators who do not have one of them, they can purchase their package via the following link:  . Also, this year, it will be required to book in advance your seat in the bleachers for Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th race days.

Bike Park riders-users (note that the lower part of the Bike Park will remain open with a special rate of €21.50/day) will keep access to gondola normally during these operating hours: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Useful recommendations to fully enjy the World Cup:

  • Wear proper mountain shoes allowing to walk comfortably and in complete safety. Civil protection recommendations: “Protect yourself from the sun: sunscreen, hat and glasses are essential for going out in the mountains in summer. Protect children, especially to avoid sunburn ».
  • Use free public transport as it is the most sustainable and efficient way to get to the resort.
  • Use alternative solutions to move around the World Cup area, such as gondola and shuttles. Mountain paths will be marked so that users can go from a place to another by walk if they wish.

These ways of acting will avoid the generation of excessive crowds and will ensure good mobility throughout the race.

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