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Join the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup at Pal Arinsal in supporting sustainability through our project in Madagascar.

Madagascar is vulnerable to climate change and threatened by the country’s currently unsustainable systems. Madagascar’s energy balance sheet shows that around 80% of its overall energy consumption is based on biomass fuels such as firewood and charcoal, which when burned release gases that exacerbate climate change. The expansion of sustainable energy systems in Madagascar will be crucial in helping communities to become more resilient to climate change and to build a greener future for the country. UNICEF is working to accelerate the deployment of solar-powered water systems in 20 drought-affected villages in Southern Madagascar’s Androy region. These infrastructures will have a significant long-term impact. They will not only increase the climate resilience of drought-affected communities and reduce carbon emissions, but also mean the creation of employment opportunities such as operations and maintenance work and support a new innovative energy sector in the country.

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